CFD Investigations

Complicated, real-world geometries:
    Surfaces from IGES,VDA,or STL files.
    Large models with lots of details.
    Large & small length scales in the same model.
    Moving & interacting pieces.
    Topological changes within one simulation.
Numerous flow conditions:
    Gases & liquids.
    Newtonian & non-Newtonian fluids.
    Laminar & turbulent (K-epsilon, RSM, RNG) flows.
    Subsonic & supersonic flows.
    External & internal flows.
Various timing requirements:
    Steady state.
    Time dependent boundary conditions.
    Systems with multiple moving components.
    Periodically forced flows.
    Rotating regions, Multiple Rotating Frames.
Combinations of boundary conditions:
    Mass flow.
    Walls with fixed temperature or heat transfer rate.
    Von Neumann condition.
Variety of additional physics:
    Conjugate heat transfer.
    Porous media.
    Liquid sprays into a gas with evaporation.
    Wall film creation, movement, and evaporation.
    Combustion, including heat release rates and emissions.
    Particle transport.
Additional complexities:
    Optimization studies.
    Fluid-Structure interaction.
    Software tools that interlink multiple software packages.

Specific Areas of Expertise

Air flow in internal combustion engines:
    Intake systems, including internal EGR effects.
    Port optimization (intake, exhaust, swirl ports).
    Design of effective flow meters.
    Mixing of fresh air with exhaust gases.
    In-cylinder flow effects (swirl, tumble).
    Swirl bowl optimization.
    Exhaust systems, including geometry optimization for pressure wave interactions.
    Air/exhaust flows in 2 and 4-stroke engine, with all valves and pistons moving.
    Aftertreatment (DOC, DPF, Catalytic converters)
Fuel, oil, blood, and water systems:
    Time dependent studies of poppet valves.
    Cavitation studies.
    Transport of oil film by gravity and air flow.
    Blood flow through synthetic heart valves.
    Motion within storage tanks.
Energy conversion:
    Design optimization for high technology fuel cells.
    Design optimization for heat exchangers.
Miscellaneous studies:
    Ventilation systems for offices and vehicles.
    High efficiency valves.
    Nozzle and orifice designs for many applications.
    Impeller, fan, and shroud design.
    Wind tunnel design of reverse thrust duct.
    Mixing of multiple species.
    Optimizing a spreading process for a thick fluid between two flexible belts.
Survey of Concert Hall Acoustics
Concert Hall Acoustics, including :
    Reverberation Time
    Hall performance at all seats
    Predictions for concept designs

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