Sage Physics & Engineering
Specialists in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Fluid Dynamics Consulting, Technology Transfer, and Acoustics

Sage Physics and Engineering uses state of the art tools to analyze complex physical systems. We evaluate the performance of designs and provide insight for improvement.

The majority of our work is in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We analyze systems with liquids, gases, and combinations of liquids, gases, and solids. We also do analysis work in acoustics.

Sage Physics and Engineering provides world class consulting, training, and technology transfer. If your system involves fluids, we can model it or teach you to how to model it.

Our main analysis tools are well established commercial CFD software packages from both the U.S. and Europe. In addition, we specialize in transferring CFD technology to your site. Our engineers have taught CFD courses in industrial continuing education programs (over 500 people over the last 12 years) and customized courses at Fortune 500 Industry sites.

Our Mission

Simply put, we solve challenging fluid modeling and analysis problems. We believe in superior tools to help unravel the non-linear aspects of fluid mechanics. We not only model the details, we strive to fully understand our customer's system. We have broad and deep experience in many industrial applications, and we work with the customer to clearly define the actual problem. We conduct our investigations systematically according to a prescribed agreement with the customer, and follow-up with regular interactions. After an initial study that diagnoses the problem, our investigations may turn into a design project to find new solutions.

In addition to providing analysis, we also like to work with our customers, learning from the general principles of fluid dynamics involved with the system under investigation. This adds value to our service by leveraging the results of a single study case to extend to more general design guidelines at the customer's site. We want to provide all the engineering needs you require to meet your design, cost, and performance goals, not just get you past the current hurdle. We not only want to help you with your current investigations, but any others that may arise in the future, as well.

Historical Note

Sage Physics & Engineering, created in February 2001, was previously known as the CFD department of SSESCO, now known as Windlogics. Much of the work shown on this site was created under that name, and is shown here with SSESCO's permission.

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